I'm a Greensboro-based wedding photographer with a heart for people, and heart eyes for wedding details! If we were to hang out, you'd quickly learn that I love to laugh, but I'm equally willing to have a serious, heartfelt conversation. I'm an extroverted introvert who's obsessed with real-life love stories and intentional wedding details!

I mean it when I say that I want to hear the backstory for every aspect of your wedding.  Is your veil steeped in family tradition, passed down through the generations?  Did your talented fiance hand-design your ring?  Is the feature bloom in your bouquet reminiscent of your childhood summers spent in Georgia with your grandma?  I can't wait to hear the significance behind each item, and I'll try really hard to remain calm (but no promises). 

Faith and Family are tremendously important to me. I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Abbas, and we have the sweetest little boy, Saleh Joseph.  There's never a dull moment at our very full house, as my mother-in-law and brother-in-law live with us as well.  We are basically a real-life sit-com.  Oh how I love our crazy half-Lebanese, half-American family!  

My three favorite things to photograph at weddings are details, portraits, and people hitting the dance floor HARD.  The goofier, the better!  I'm also quite likely to jump in on a line dance or two, so don't mind if I do.  Also, you'll know I'm loving a particular angle/pose/location during portraits when I start yelling "OHMYGOSH I'M NOT OKAY!" I'm definitely okay.  Just golden retriever-level excited.  Erm, sorry about that.

Other things I love in life are earl grey tea, reading, running, sweets (the fastest way to my heart), recycling, languages (I speak Spanish and Arabic!), and learning new things.  I'm a philosophical, introspective nerd at heart, so if you wanna have big conversations, I'm here for it.

I can't wait to get to know you!  Let's chat soon. <3

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you are a hugger

There will be a moment where it will be extremely obvious that I want to hug you because I'm so dang excited.  C'mon, now... bring it in! (But like... post-pandemic and stuff. I'll just air hug you from afar for now.)

you get emotional talking about your wedding details

If you're like me, every detail in your wedding has a purpose.  You chose your grandma's favorite flowers for your bouquet, your groom proposed with an engagement ring that is a treasured family heirloom, you hired a caterer who you could trust to prepare your great uncle's secret recipe... this list goes on, and I want to hear ALL about it!

you value photography as both art and documentation

You want those jaw-droppingly gorgeous portraits and magazine-worthy detail shots, but you also want me to sneakily catch your mom tearing up during the ceremony. I get it, and I got you.

your wedding is just the beginning

Don't get me wrong... I love a good reception (and don't mind me as I move in for a slice of cake after I bust a quick move on the dance floor with you), but your wedding is simply the celebratory beginning of something even better:  your marriage.  My wish for all my couples is that your marriage is far more beautiful than your wedding!

you feel big emotions and you're not afraid to show them

Go ahead, let it all out.  If you want to jump for joy or throw your hands up in the air, just do it.  If you feel some tears welling up, let 'em out.  If you want to snuggle in close to the love of your life, go for it.  Just be yourself, dear friend.

you're low key obsessed with baked goods

...what does this have to do with being in front of my camera? Absolutely nothing. Ya caught me. But for real, how delicious are scones and cookies and cake and croissants and brownies?! We've always got something fresh on the counter at home. If I made it, it's probably cinnamon, even though everyone in my house is alllll about chocolate...

Next stop, weddings

You belong in front of my camera if...

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