4 Best Wedding Venues in Lexington NC

Clients often ask me if I have any recommendations for wedding venues in Lexington NC, which is a small city between Greensboro and Charlotte. Well, of course I do! And, I have a few that will be just perfect for any bride! Here are my top four wedding venues that will guarantee your ceremony is remembered forever.  

Board and Batten 

Board and Batten is a newer space. It’s super elegant and looks like a warehouse venue meets a modern white barn. It’s a huge space with beautiful landscaping and stonework around it. Inside it’s filled with natural light, which is a photographer’s dream. It’s modern yet sophisticated and elegant. It’s one of my favorite venues to shoot at because of how polished and picturesque it is both inside and out.

They have really lovely amenities and provide both large indoor and outdoor spaces. They also have a designated bride’s suite and a designated groom’s suite to make things as easy as possible for the couple. The bride’s suite is light and airy, and the groom’s suite has lots of mirrors but still has the more masculine touches that you might expect there. They’re both really well done! 

The outdoor patio is well suited for a cocktail hour, and has a bocce ball court which is usually a big hit during the reception! Additionally, they also offer catering and bar packages, so everything can be in-house. During the high season (April through June) and on a Saturday (their busiest day) Board and Batten’s price is $9250. This is not including the catering or bar. It will be cheaper if you rent Board and Batten on a Friday or Sunday, or would be even less during its off-season. Of all the wedding venues in Lexington NC, the really great thing about this option is that it’s beautiful no matter when you go (can you believe the featured photos below were taken at a February wedding?). It’s designed to look elegant no matter what season you schedule your wedding! 

A bride and groom saying their vows at Board and Batten while the bridesmaids look on crying.
A bride and groom smiling with their wedding party on the patio of Board and Batten.
Collage of a white and blue reception and a floral covered altar arch at Board and Batten in Lexington, NC
A white and blue reception set up at Board and Batten.
The groom's dad giving her away at the altar while their guests looks on during their wedding ceremony.
The groom spinning the bride in front of Board and Batten.
The bride and groom kissing on the back patio of Board and Batten over looking a green field.
Collage of a bride whispering in her groom's ear out in the garden and a groom whispering in his bride's ear during a winter ceremony inside the house at Board and Batten.

Childress Vineyards 

Childress Vineyards is a venue that offers really nice amenities. They offer multiple package options to provide you with a customizable wedding experience! The venue has several noteworthy features, one of which is a long beautiful staircase with stonework all around it. This allows a bride to make quite the entrance! There’s also a wonderful gazebo available, which is a beautiful option. 

They have three different packages for different sizes of weddings: Classic, Signature, and Deluxe, all of which can be adjusted and tailored so you can have the best experience! The base package to rent the venue on a Saturday evening is $9000. With this price comes additional amenities, such as tables and venue sites such as the gazebo and grand pavilion. It also gives you access to their bridal suite. This is a beautiful option for couples to consider! The sunsets over the venue are really beautiful too! So, it’s a great venue for couples who are looking to do a classic and sophisticated design for their wedding. 

Collage of a bride sitting on a fuzzy stool in front of a mirror at Childress Vineyards and the mother of the bride helping her into her wedding gown.
The bride with her bridesmaids and flower girls in their getting ready robes on the roof of Childress Vineyards.
The gazebo at Childress Vineyards decorated for a simple wedding ceremony.
A neutral wedding reception set up inside Childress Vineyards.
The bride and groom kissing in a lush field while their wedding party cheers them on at Childress Vineyards.
Collage of a bride and groom walking hand in hand toward a pond and them walking hand in hand through Childress Vineyards.
Collage of a bride snuggled in to her groom's chest and the bride looking over her shoulder holding her dress while her groom nuzzles her at Childress Vineyards.

Holt House 

This is the wedding venue in downtown Lexington NC with a lot of neat history. The Holt House has such an interesting story which the three owners love to share on tours! They will tell you all about how the house changed hands during the Civil War, along with the history of the home itself! They did an incredible job maintaining the integrity and the design of the house so it reflects the history of its age, while also making it modern on the inside. 

The entire wedding venue specializes in hospitality and making sure you feel welcomed. They have options for bigger or smaller weddings. And, they even offer all inclusive packages for couples who are looking for that! On a high season Saturday (April through June and September through November)  a wedding with 45 or fewer guests will cost $3300. This includes indoor and outdoor options. If you have a wedding with up to 90 guests, you should expect to pay $4800, and $6250 for up to 150 guests. For the larger weddings, only the outdoor spaces are available. For smaller weddings with 45 guests or less, you can use the indoor and historic areas. 

The home is really beautiful and well-preserved inside and out. So, it’s a cool space! It does have a designated bridal and groom suite. Getting ready in the bride’s suite is enjoyable and easy, while the groom’s suite offers a sophisticated space for the guys, too. This is a great option for couples who love historic architecture. 

The bride and groom snuggling while she has one hand around the back of his head on a couch in a brightly lit getting ready room at Holt House.
A pink cloth covered table in a blue reception room at Holt House in Lexington, NC.
Collage of a pink cloth covered reception table and the bride and groom kissing through the doors of the reception space at Holt House.
Collage of a detail photo of a chandelier and greenery filled altar space at Holt House and a woman looking down at her wedding dress in front of the house.
Collage of a black and white photo of a woman with her hand under her chin gazing at the camera and her facing a window while she plays with the skirt of her wedding dress.
A bride and groom kissing in a stairway at Holt House.
A detail photo of the gorgeous exterior of Holt House in Lexington, NC.

Curran Alexander Vineyards

Curran Alexander Vineyards is only just now becoming a wedding venue, but you don’t want to overlook it. The pictures I include here are from the first styled shoot held on the grounds. The Sunday Stroll will feature the vineyards for the first time in 2022, which will be an opportunity to look at different wedding venues in the Lexington NC area. As it is an up and coming wedding venue, it is beautiful but smaller. It is ideal for outdoor weddings and smaller soirees. Additionally, it has a beautiful historic home on the property, as well as beautiful rows of different grape vines. The owners have also made a beautiful and moveable arbor. Depending on what the couple wishes for the backdrop of their ceremony, they can move it so their backdrop is either the historic white home, or lush greenery! Curran Alexander Vineyards does have inside space as well as several outside spaces that can be used. It’s exciting to be able to share about one of the new wedding venues in Lexington NC, which will be able to bless couples with beautiful memories! 

It’s not too soon to start talking about your 2023 wedding plans.  Let’s connect!

A textured neutral cloth covered table in the middle of a vineyard at Curran Alexander Vineyards.
Collage of a bride standing with her back to her groom's chest while she turns around and kisses his and the bride and groom walking hand in hand looking at each other through the vines at Curran Alexander Vineyards.
Collage of the bride with her head on her groom's shoulder while they smile and hold glasses of wine and the bride and groom toasting with their wedding party at Curran Alexander Vineyards.
The bride and groom kissing at the end of the aisle after their ceremony while their guests looks on at Curran Alexander Vineyards.
Collage of a groom nuzzling his bride in front of the house and the bride running through the vines at Curran Alexander Vineyards.
Collage of detail photos - one of a reception table set up in the vineyard and another is a detail photo of wine and the table decor at Curran Alexander Vineyards.

*Styled shoots were a collaboration with Amanda K Events and Grace and Greenery, of course. If you’ve been around for a while, you know we work together as often as possible!

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