Best Engagement Session Locations in the Raleigh Durham Area Part 2 | Engagement Photographer Raleigh NC

As an engagement photographer who shoots in Raleigh NC frequently, I often get asked by my clients, “Where are some places we can go for pictures?” And over time, I’ve compiled quite a list of my favorites. Below are some of the best locations for engagement photography in the Raleigh NC Area!

Couple kissing at the North Carolina Museum of Art during their engagement session with Jenn Eddine Photography.

Wral Azalea gardens in Raleigh

Collage of a couple walking and laughing during their engagement session at Azalea Gardens and of the bride with her head on her fiance's shoulder.

This location is obviously the most colorful when azaleas are in bloom. The gardens are a collection of twisting stone pathways and a variety of colors and species of azaleas. So this location becomes very colorful and full of life! If someone has an affinity for azaleas, and enjoys the blooming season, then it’s a great option for engagement photos in Raleigh NC. 

Coker Arboretum in Chapel Hill

Collage of a couple snuggling and smiling at each other during their engagement session at Coker Arboretum.

The Coker arboretum is on the UNC at Chapel Hill campus. You can read more about the college campus from an engagement photographer perspective in part 1 of my dive into Raleigh NC areas.This location is good to tack onto a photography session at UNC at Chapel Hill if someone wants to have a garden feel along with a college campus during their shoot. The Coker Arboretum is a little more laid back than the ones at the beginning of this list and has more of a park feel than a garden. But, it also has beautiful flowers depending on the season. 

North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh 

Collage of a couple kissing and the woman playing with her dress while her fiance kisses her temple at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

North Carolina Museum of Art is a beautiful location. It’s a blend of different experiences, so it’s a wonderful location for a variety of styles of photos. For someone that knows the North Carolina Museum of Art or maybe has a connection to that place, it would be perfect. It has outdoor sculptures and architecture for those who love architecture. The museum also has lovely tall grass, which makes for gorgeous pictures in the sunset. It also has a willow tree that’s one of my favorites to photograph! 

I really enjoy photographing clients at these locations! It’s always my joy to help couples find the engagement location that best matches them and their style. And when they get their photos back after the session, having images they get to see and display for a lifetime is a beautiful thing!  

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