McAlister-Leftwich House Wedding Guide

photo collage of McAlister-Leftwich House

A McAlister-Leftwich House wedding is one to remember. Located in a historic Greensboro neighborhood, the venue is just a few minutes from downtown.  It’s only been around for a couple of years, but the wedding industry here will never be the same for it. 

As a Greensboro wedding photographer, I personally I love MLH because of its history and its Colonial and Gothic Revival architecture.  It makes me nostalgic for Savannah, where my husband and I used to live before moving here to Greensboro.  The venue is an absolute dream for brides planning a wedding with 150 guests or fewer!

veil blows in the wind as couple poses in front of McAlister House

couple poses in front of Leftwich house porch

I have had the pleasure of shooting three weddings (including Chelsea and Evan’s wedding), two bridal sessions, and one styled shoot at their amazing venue, and I will continue to sing their praises!  I mean, don’t tell anyone, but I secretly wish I could just shoot every wedding that happens there. I genuinely love it that much!

Why do I adore it so? Girl, for a multitude of reasons… read on to see why YOU should choose it as your wedding venue (and allow me to document the day, of course)!

Collage of bride and groom dipping and kissing in front of porch, and walking in front of historic home

The best getting ready space–McAlister-Leftwich House Wedding

One aspect of a venue that often gets overlooked when brides are searching for the perfect place for their upcoming wedding is the state of their getting ready spaces. McAlister-Leftwich House sets the new standard by which I judge all other venues’ getting ready spaces!

The Bridal Suite

The bridal suite consists of 4 spacious rooms and one large restroom.  All four rooms are spacious, tastefully yet minimally decorated, and bright.  These lovely features make photographing here a dream, as I never have to worry about getting enough light or about color-casting from dark walls.  Can I get a hallelujah?!

collage of bridesmaids gowns and wedding gown hanging, bridesmaids and bride huddled together in matching robes bridal suite details at McAlister-Leftwich House bridesmaids getting ready in well-lit bridal lounge bride stands beside wedding gown while getting ready

The Groom’s Suite

The groomsmen get the attic, a beautifully finished space that offers plenty of room to lounge, play cards, or even watch the game (a typical pain point for some gentlemen–no one wants to miss the big game due to a wedding!).  They, too have their own bathroom and a separate entrance, so there is no risk of the groom and bride accidentally running into one another.

groom poses while getting dressed for wedding groom suite details at McAlister-Leftwich House groomsmen hanging out before wedding playing cards and watching the game groom seated with groomsmen standing behind him, all smiling

Natural light for your McAlister-Leftwich House wedding

I touched on this a bit already, but MLH was tastefully restored in a way that preserves its unique history while also catering to the needs of its new purpose.  As such, it has a ton of gorgeous, natural light that floods in through its many windows. To further enhance the beauty of the light, MLH is painted white in all its rooms, which lends itself to stunning, well-lit photos.  And y’all… I am HERE. FOR. IT. This is a time when photos speak louder than words, so take a look for yourself:

collage of two brides on gorgeous historic staircase bride poses on blush pink setee during bridal session bride on historic staircase, gown flows out behind her

bride has gown fixed by bridesmaids in front of full size gilded mirror bride and groom sit in beautiful lounge with window light shining in

bride holds back tears as bridesmaids lay hands on her and pray

The Hallway

groom twirls bride during first look in beautifully lit hallway couple doing first look in beautifully lit hallway

Seriously, The Hallway deserves a subheading all its own!

There is some secret sauce in this hallway.  I haven’t yet figured out if it’s in the windows, the tile, or the historic accents, but it’s there, I tell you!  This is where many a magical portrait and first look have taken place. It’s just GORGEOUS.

groom reacting to seeing bride for the first time during first look

Indoor & Outdoor Ceremony Spaces for your McAlister-Leftwich House Wedding

MLH is great for any season, because they have beautiful space for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies.  There are several options for you to choose from when deciding where you’d like your ceremony to take place. 

bride and groom during indoor ceremony in front of decorated fireplace couple shares first kiss during wedding in front of beautifully decorated fireplace

outdoor ceremony and details at McAlister-Leftwich house

Inclusion of Bridal Sessions in Contract

If you book your wedding at McAlister-Leftwich House, you are also allotted time for a bridal session there.  I LOVE when my brides opt to do this! It’s such a lovely time to explore all the corners of the house and capture jaw-droppingly gorgeous photos.

bride poses during bridal session bride poses during bridal session closeups bride poses on blush pink setee during bridal session bride poses during bridal session

Front Porch Lovin’

Like every other self-respecting Southerner, I LOVE me some front porches, bless my little heart!  In evidence of perfect serendipity, MLH has not one, but TWO fabulous porches! McAlister’s front porch covers much of its facade, making it perfect for portraits of all kinds.  Leftwich’s front porch makes a statement, perfect for ceremonies and grand exits. I don’t know which one I love more, as they both provide such important, integral parts of the MLH experience!  I’m sure you’ll agree:

collage of couple on front porch and in front of McAlister porch bride and groom kiss in front of historic Greensboro venue groom gets tossed in air by groomsmen and friends

bridesmaids on front porch giggle and look at each other

Now, I’m sure you’re just as enamored as I am.  There is SO much to love about this incredible venue, and I hope I fill my calendar with weddings at this stunning place.  MLH, you forever have my heart (and my camera)!

collage with two couples exiting wedding, one in which guests hold up sparklers, second with guests shaking UNC pom poms

Considering McAlister-Leftwich as your venue? If you can’t tell, I love to it there, and would LOVE to be your photographer.  Let’s connect soon, friend, so I can provide you with joyful, sentimental, timeless photos to treasure for generations to come.


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  1. Madalyn Yates says:

    Such a great blog! So much pretty!

  2. Maria says:

    These are just gorgeous!! You have photographed such beautiful couples!
    Great location.

  3. Kelly says:

    Ah talk about a gorgeous venue! Those white wAlls and windows are everything!!

  4. These are all gorgeous, but that veil shot at the beginning is stunning! Amazing work!

  5. Lauren says:

    This venue is absolutely breathtaking! I love how you captured it in all different ways at each wedding! I’m sure they’re thrilled to have this highlight!

  6. Nicole D says:

    Ahhh! This is so beautiful!!! (:

  7. Lydia says:

    These images are stunning and the venue is a photographer’s dream!

  8. We are incredibly honored to be featured on this blog post! We are even more honored each time we get to work with Jenn! She creates the most amazing experience for couples, she is just the best to work with all around, and her photos are stunning (as you can obviously see above)! Thank you Jenn!

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