11 Incredible Photo Locations in the Triad Area  

As a wedding photographer based in Greensboro, I’ve got a pretty good handle on the best engagement photo locations in the Triad. I have experience at each of the locations below, and I feel comfortable saying that all of them are good options for engaged couples. Some of these are well-known locations, but there are also some hidden gems I’m excited to share with you, especially if you’re considering an engagement session! Read on for some excellent engagement photo locations in the Triad, and come say hello if you’re looking for a photographer!

Reynolda Gardens

Woman sitting on her fiance's lap on a rock formation on the grounds of Reynolda Venue, a wedding venue in North Carolina

I mention Reynolda Gardens often, but it’s truly one of the best engagement photo locations in the Triad. It’s a beautifully curated historic garden that provides that European feel without having to leave North Carolina! The flowers around Reynolda Gardens are the most in bloom in the spring and the summer, when everything looks vibrant and alive.

The Reynolda Gardens has a required permit fee, and you have to book your time, but it is well worth it because it’s such a beautiful and elegant space.

The Greensboro Arboretum

An expecting mother standing on a park bridge in Greensboro embracing her belly.

The Greensboro Arboretum is excellent because it’s in a convenient location for many people, and if you go on a weekday, it’s usually not very busy. So there are lots of opportunities for some beautiful photos. A good amount of greenery, some bridges, and other beautiful architectural pieces make for a garden-type look in the pictures. This is for folks who want an outdoor park vibe for a session. The best time of year to shoot at this location would be in spring or summer. That’s when everything looks the best!

There is a permit fee for this location, so be sure to check the city’s website for more details.

Bicentennial Gardens

Couple holding hands and walking towards the camera smiling and laughing at each other during their Engagement session at Greensboro Arboretum

Bicentennial Gardens is close to the Greensboro Arboretum, and it’s another good stop for that park vibe. There are trees, shrubs, and flowers all along the pathways there. It’s a simple but fantastic place to get your engagement photos done! The best time to visit this garden would be spring and summer. 

It also has a permit fee because it’s a part of the Greensboro Parks. 

Price Park

Mother poses for maternity photo session in Greensboro, NC.

Price Park is one of my favorite engagement photo locations in the Triad, and for any type of session for that matter. It’s a wonderful spot with tall grass, which is a beautiful thing around here to photograph. People enjoy how romantic and soft the tall wheat-style grass looks. So, it’s a great option for couples and families alike. And this is also a free option. 

Every February or March, the grass gets mowed down. So you’ll want to make sure everything has time to grow up nice and tall for the date you schedule your session for. The best time of year to have your pictures taken here is typically late summer to fall when the grass has grown up nice and has that lovely soft, whimsical and ethereal look. 

Summerfield Farms 

bride in a field with a gravel road a she holds her wedding bouquet and swings her dress back and forth looking down at it during photos at The Summerfield Farms venue

Summerfield Farms has lots of different options for your desires. It has those farm vibes that are industrial but remains nice and polished. It also has beautiful fields and a giant tree perfect for photos. So it will be more of a draw if you’re looking for vast open fields as an option. Its best seasons for photos are summer to fall. That’s when everything there looks the best. And the summer to fall months are usually when the light is the best too! 

Even if you’re not getting married at Summerfield Farms, they allow engagement p

The Little Chapel in Winston-Salem

Next is the Little Chapel in Winston-Salem. This is an up-and-coming wedding venue that’s now being rented out for photo sessions. It’s a beautiful space that has a grove where there are trees, but it also has areas with tall grass and even a pond on the grounds surrounding it. The Little Chapel is beautiful in the background, so it has many options for your photos. It’s such a sweet option for couples. The venue is conveniently located, so it’s nice and beautiful. The best times of year for the Little Chapel are spring, summer and fall. The Little Chapel in Winston-Salem does have a permit fee for photography as well.

Reynolda Village

Reynolda Village is pleasant year-round! It has beautiful buildings, a little fountain, and other nice little touches. It makes it a quaint place for any photography session in North Carolina. It’ll provide couples with beautiful photos that will serve as wonderful keepsakes! But it’s also one of the best locations for photography in North Carolina for individuals like seniors as well. It’s even a a great location any time of the year, so it’s not seasonal or difficult to gain access to.

Kersey Valley Sunflower Extravaganza

Senior posing for senior pictures in a field of sunflowers at Sunflower Extravaganza - known as one of the best locations for photography in North Carolina

Kersey Valley Sunflower Extravaganza is a great location for late summer through early fall. Because the timing of blooming sunflowers is seasonal and contingent on when they’re in bloom, you’ll have to book this location in advance. But with just a little bit of planning, this location quickly turns into a one of the best locations for photography in North Carolina! Additionally, the fields are big enough that you don’t feel like you’re getting crowded out by other photographers taking these incredible photos during the small window of time available at this location. This is an excellent option for people who want pictures in a sunflower field.

There is also a permit fee for this location.

Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden

Next up is the Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden in Kernersville. Similar to Reynolda Gardens, it offers a curated, manicured garden look and feels very European. So for people who want a more sophisticated style to be represented in their pictures, this is a great option. It’s another elegant option here in the Triad for couples who want variety in their photos. 

The Tanglewood Arboretum

Bride looks over her shoulder surrounded by blooming trees and plants in Winston-Salem, NC.

The Tanglewood Arboretum is a smaller option with several beautiful locations to pose with your loved one to document your love story. It’s beautiful in the spring when everything is in bloom, and it remains lovely into the summer as well. It costs just a few dollars per car to enter the park!

The McAlister-Leftwich House

A woman in a green dress twirls in the hallway at McAlister-Leftwich House in Greensboro, NC.

If you need an indoor engagement photo location in the Triad (rain happens!), then McAlister-Leftwich House would be a dreamy option. There are so many nooks and beautiful spots that you’ll love!

Let’s Talk

Jenn Eddine Photography holds camera in one hand and smiles at the camera

If this was a helpful resource for locations but you still need the right photographer for you, then please, reach out! I’d love to see if we might be the right fit.

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