5 Best North Carolina Vineyard Wedding Venues

If you’re searching for a location to have your North Carolina vineyard wedding, then look no further! Below, I list my top five vineyard venues. Each of these places has something that sets them apart from the rest and makes them worth the investment. 

5 North Carolina Vineyard Wedding Venues

Jolo Winery and Vineyards:

Collage of a bride and groom kissing during their wedding day at Jolo Vineyards in Lexington, NC one of the best North Carolina Vineyard Wedding Venues

Jolo Winery and Vineyards is really special because it contains a spectacular view of Pilot Mountain in its backdrop which is what sets it apart from all the other vineyards. Along with this, it has a location on site for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready at. It’s convenient and tucked away so there’s plenty of privacy and space for getting ready. There’s also designated space for the guys to get ready in the wine cellar! 

In addition to the view of Pilot Mountain, it has a gazebo that can serve as a wonderful backdrop for a ceremony, and has a wonderful pavilion for receptions! They also do all the catering on site, which always makes things much easier. Lastly, the owners are really kind people and are truly excited for the couples who get married at their venue. 

Childress Vineyards

Collage of two couples nuzzling each other other their wedding day at a North Carolina Vineyard Wedding Venue - Childress Vineyards.

Childress Vineyards is a venue that is for the classic bride who wants images that are traditional and refined, yet make a statement. It’s a beautiful location that creates clean and crisp images like what you’d expect. It has one of my favorite getting ready locations for the bride and bridesmaids. It also has a designated space for grooms and groomsmen too! Lastly, it has a beautiful gazebo that overlooks the vineyards and provides a beautiful backdrop for the outdoor ceremonies. What sets this location apart from the rest is its clean and classic style, and ability to produce traditional and timeless photos.  

Curran Alexander Vineyards

Collage of a bride running through the vines and the bride and groom kissing on their wedding day at Sunday Stroll wedding venue in Lexington, NC.

What sets Curran Alexander Vineyards apart is that it’s so new. For someone who wants a unique wedding venue that has not been overdone, this is the place to go! It’s beautiful and quiet, tucked away and close to Lexington, Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, and Charlotte. It really is a hidden gem with lush vineyards and plenty of space. Right now they specialize in tent weddings for your North Carolina vineyard wedding but they are in the process of building a beautiful reception hall. So, it’s up and coming, and they’re continuing to find ways to cater to and serve individuals who are coming to them for weddings! 

Medaloni Cellars

A bride and groom kissing in the vines at Medaloni Cellars on their wedding day.

Medaloni Cellars is very cozy, and that’s what sets it apart. If someone’s dreaming of getting married at a place where you would love to go in the fall while wearing a sweater with your best friend and enjoy a really long conversation, that’s the vibe you will get from Medaloni Cellars. It has rolling hills, and lots of outdoor space with an outdoor stage. So, even though it’s a vineyard, it feels family oriented. There’s a lot of room for kids to run around and enjoy themselves during your North Carolina vineyard wedding here.

Raffaldini Vineyards

I’m really excited to shoot a wedding at Raffaldini Vineyards in the fall! I’m excited about this venue because it has a Tuscan vineyard aesthetic. So, for couples who want their wedding photos to look like they went to Europe for a quick minute, but really never left the comfort of their own backyard in North Carolina, this is the place to go! It has an interesting and very unique look that gives couples that international flair that they’ve been searching for! Don’t worry, I’ll report back!

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