Emily and Jordan’s Engagement at Adaumont Farm | Engagement Photographer Trinity, NC

Just outside of Greensboro, Adaumont Farm is an amazing place for an Engagement Photographer to capture timeless images of your love in Trinity, NC! Emily and Jordan were one such couple that I was able to do this for.  

An amazing couple

Emily and Jordan are a sweet couple. They met at a summer internship and before you knew it, the rest was history! And here we are, getting engagement photos at the exact same place they’re having the wedding this coming January. I’m very excited for their big day, and can’t wait to photograph it! 

The perfect farm for an engagement photographer to capture a couple in Trinity NC

Adaumont Farm is a working farm here in North Carolina. It has beautiful rolling green hills and beautiful trees surrounding the property. Years ago, Adaumont Farm only had horses, but in recent times, they’ve incorporated donkeys and cows as well. It’s such a pretty place and an amazing area for your engagement photographer to capture beautiful nature based photographs in Trinity NC. 

Collage of a sign for Adaumont Farm and a couple kissing as they lean against a column at the entrance to the farm during their engagement session.

Favorite Pups and an awesome day

I loved that Emily and Jordan decided to incorporate their pups into their engagement photos. They have two different kinds of Doodles, and it was so much fun getting to incorporate them! These dogs are such a big part of Emily and Jordan’s lives, and you can tell how much they are loved.

Collage of a couple kneeling in a field with their two dogs and a man hugging his fiance from behind as she laughs.

It was fun getting to walk around the farm with them and enjoy a beautiful North Carolina evening. Then we were able to capture photos of them that really show off their love for one another in such a classic and natural way. 

The session started fairly cloudy and overcast, which is actually wonderful for perfectly diffused light. Then, right before sunset, the cloud cover lifted. We received beautiful golden light that took our breath away! We were all thrilled about that and the photographs came out wonderfully! 

A couple sitting in a grassy field playing with their two dogs.

Emily and Jordan, getting to meet you and your pups was awesome. I can’t wait to shoot your wedding in January, and be there to capture it all!

We would love to chat and tell you more about the wedding services we provide! It’s not too soon to start talking about 2023 wedding plans.   Let’s connect!

A woman sitting and laughing in her fiance's lap at Adaumont Farm while her fiance hugs her.
Collage of a couple petting donkeys during their engagement session and a close up of the woman's hand petting a donkey.
Collage of a detail photo of a brown barn covered roadway and a man picking up his fiance while they kiss in front of the barn.
A man and woman walking hand in hand as they smile at each other during their engagement session.
Collage of a detail photo of the bride's round, radiant cut engagement ring on a pine tree and the couple walking towards a gate at Adaumont Farm while the woman looks over her shoulder.
Collage of a detail photo of the woman hand and her engagement ring on her fiance's elbow and the couple standing close looking at each other and smiling at the entrance to the farm
A man and woman kissing each other during golden hour at Adaumont Farm during their engagement session
Collage of a detail photo of the bride's engagement ring on a rock surrounded by white flowers and the man and woman walking hand in hand in front of a white fence.
Collage of a man hugging his fiance from behind and the couple walking hand in hand through a field during their engagement session
A woman sitting in her fiance's lap as they sit in a field smiling during their engagement session.
Collage of a couple kissing during golden hour and them holding hands walking away from the camera during their engagement session.
Collage of a man hugging his fiance from behind as she smiles up at him and a man kissing his fiance on the temple as they sit on the ground.
Collage of a man and a woman with their foreheads together and a detail photo of the bride's engagement ring over her fiance's shoulder.

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